Dunkin Donuts




Austria, and Vienna especially, is the Mekka of pastries and coffee culture. So how to launch and establish a brand like Dunkin’ Donuts, that excels in colourful and funky pastries and beverages? And with a very limited budget, as they started from scratch and had to finance everything locally. Still the expectation was nothing less than becoming talk of town and hundreds of people queuing up in front of the store.


We positioned Dunkin’ Donuts as the counter-culture to the established and old fashioned pastry and coffee culture in Austria – fitting the urban and trendy core target group 16 to 29 that cares more about fun, excitement and the future than the past and heritage. Using mainly social media and OOH, Dunkin’ made fun of the establishment and showed how traditional pastries tried to react to the arrival of the new competitor. And how ridiculously they failed at it. A polarizing campaign that created awareness way above the actual budget.


On opening day the queue started forming at 6:30 a.m. And was 200 metres long by 10:00 a.m., which made it talk of town through massive media coverage and a social media hype fuelled by a thought through social media strategy. Dunkin’ Donuts was literally front page news on Vienna’s biggest newspaper and Vienna was the second most successful opening of a Dunkin’ Donuts worldwide. With 18.900 donuts sold in one day. The campaign itself won multiple creative and efficiency awards like Creative Club Austria Venus, IAB Web-Ad and IAA Effie medals. The campaign created so much impact that it was now transcreated for other markets.

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