Nationalparks Austria




The six Austrian National Parks are all individual entities with their own way of managing a national park. They are also their own – and very different – brands, doing their own, individual campaigns. In order to create a more impactful approach the Ministry of Agriculture wanted to create an umbrella brand that could unify the different brands into one brand idea. A brand idea that would create an emotional bond between the parks and the Austrian population – who, rationally, appreciated the parks but had no deeper, emotional connection.


We used the Y&R Octagon system to find a common ground through common values. Defining a shared vision, mission and brand promise that fit to all parks – despite their huge differences. We created a positioning based on the Y&R Tensity model that combines two attributes that seem to be contradictions: “selbstverständlich” – “außergewöhnlich” which cannot be translated 100% due to its double meaning. But meaning “naturally/normal/taken for granted” – “extraordinary.” This describes the unique position National Parks Austria holds: undisturbed nature, nature as it is, “naturally/normal”, is the basic concept of a national park. So far so normal. However, nowadays undisturbed nature is something extraordinary. Also, national parks are today normal and taken for granted, however their establishment was an extraordinary achievement. This tension makes the brand unique and fascinating.


The brand was then transformed into a campaign that picked up on the tension and translated it into a campaign claim: “Nothing touches us like the untouched” adding the emotional bond between the parks and Austrians. Awareness and likeability rose immediately after the launch – despite the small budget.

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