Hervis Sports




Hervis Sports is the sports retail market leader in CEE. A market that has been turned upside down over the recent years. New competitors, a reshuffling of the market due to one of the giants exiting, growing importance of e-commerce and changed consumer expectations. In order to further claim their leading role in this new world Hervis Sports needed a new and relevant positioning. Price alone was no longer enough due to new aggressive competitors, quality and choice were neither due to specialists and online retailers.


Hervis Sports needed to develop its brand further. It needed to become more innovative without loosing the simplicity that people appreciated about Hervis Sports. We used Y&R Tensity to re-position Hervis Sports from the very “democratic” simple, affordable sports store for everyone to the sports retailer of tomorrow. Y&R’s Tensity® modell is based on the fact that modern brands are not simply based on one single minded proposition but on two contradicting attributes. Like H&M, that is known for cheap – chic. Seemingly a contradiction, but H&M unifies these attributes. For Hervis Sports BrandAsset®Valuator data showed that Hervis Sports was seen as accessible and simple (i.e. easy to use). We added the element of innovative to create a new brand tension: innovative – simple. New, modern offers but still simple and easy to use. This was the base for the new multichannel retail concept – and then, of course, the campaign. Not just creating new only digital services but defining consumer needs first and then building simple solutions around them. So that the technology stayed in the background. It became all about the consumer and the consumer benefit.


Even though the campaign started only in December 2015, the resonance was huge. Sales soared despite fierce price promotions by competitors, topping last years monthly result by 12% overall. Online sales increased by 76%. But not only customers reacted that well. Over the last six months Hervis Sports outgrew the sports market 5-fold.

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